June 1, 2007

Mid-day in a Blog Plagiarising case..

Note: Before I start this article,I apologize if I may sound rude at any point during the course of this article.

Bloggers read blogs and link to articles from other's blogs.However,stealing content is always a crime and if a blogger steals content from another blog,than he/she doesn't know the basic principles of blogging.But,nowawdays mass media is not behind when you consider "Content Theft" and I had already mentioned in my previous post that Bloggers are getting media attention biggrin, so are we(bloggers) getting so much noticed,that media has to steal content from Blogs,for this read the story..

Media Theft story:
WAT Blog,as every blogger knows is a very popular and widely read blog.They have very niche content,which focusses towards Web 2.0 but,I never knew even Mid-Day was so much short of stories that it had to steal content(that too without modifying it) ,without giving any credit to WATBlog

This post on WATBlog was copied by Mid-day(word by word,oh forgot punctuation marks as well),which came up with an article(which is a complete Copy-Paste of the original one!!!)

Rajiv Dingra,founder of WATBlog is very correct in stating that "WATBlog cannot sue Mid-Day" but we(the blogger community) can definitely give a run for money to the Mid-Day guys!!!

In order to fight plagiarism(which is now at it's best), my request to bloggers would be to post an article on the same and link it with the original article on WATBlog.

We(bloggers) can collectively fight plagiarism,by making more people aware about the issue!!!Also,WATBlog has come out with a Blogger's Council which would help bloggers focus on such issues and also minimizing(and collectively fight) "Content Theft".

What other bloggers say:
Mid-Day plagiarises blog content
Sridhar Rao on The Dark Side of Mid-Day
Startup Dunia on Bursts of Plagiarism in India

Together,we(Bloggers) can fight Plagiarism!!!

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At Jun 1, 2007, 11:27:00 AM , Anonymous Sridhar said...


Even I have small write up on my blog. Collect all the write-ups. I have few JOurnalist friends, posting to them as well.

May be they will their next BIG story!!!


At Jun 1, 2007, 6:50:00 PM , Anonymous Thejesh GN said...

Mid day Bangalore has done that many times. They have copied many articles and pics from Bangalore Metblogs.

At Jun 12, 2007, 2:38:00 PM , Anonymous daksh said...

yeh shockin indeed!

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