June 8, 2007

All roads lead to Podworks...

From Blogging to Wiki's to Startups , a new season of unconference on "Podcasting" named Podworks would start from 9th June,2007 onwards(and the blast would last for 2 days). This makes me remind of my first unconference-BlogCamp in Chennai where, I was silent and was waiting to connect with like-minded people but now,for the very first time,I would be going with a big gang of like-minded people biggrin

Last BarCamp,Bangalore was a very great experience for me and I would be joining these Bar-campers for Podworks.

Sridhar has already thought about the agenda for the discussion in the train and I am damn sure there would be lots of other discussions in the train mrgreen

The other gang members are Vibhash,Anil , Yousuf and a first timer to the unconference circuit Alok....Alok, welcome to the unconference gang lol

Let's pack our bags and rock the way to Podworks...and yes, since Ashwin cancelled his trip,I would try to take his position to get my hands-on to live blogging wink For guys like Vishal , Mahesh and Ashwin who have missed the train to Podworks...do not worry...we guys would be there to share the experiences in Podworks , so till than......

Happy Pod(working) !!!

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At Jun 8, 2007, 3:21:00 AM , Blogger dexkid said...

Thanks buddy. Do collate all that u learnt. Waiting for podworks ...


At Jun 8, 2007, 6:29:00 AM , Anonymous The Cruisemaniac said...

Hey Sheth,

I'm hoping to be hooked on via GPRS. But u do know the state of affairs regarding GPRS in INDIA. Lets see... Keep me posted...

The Cruisemaniac

At Jun 8, 2007, 8:27:00 PM , Blogger Mahesh said...

Hey Himanshu,

Happy Journey, Do Live blogging from podworks and take care of your health man the sleepless man.



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