March 16, 2007

Email Newsletters:Cost effective way of marketing...

Daily we subscribe to newsletters from many sites but newsletters from some sites are so awful, that you won't even feel like reading them.Just happened to see a post on StartupPrincess which stresses on "How Email Newsletters are a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution for Entrepreneurs"

StartupPrincess has stressed on the quality of newsletters and some of the points which impressed me are given below:

1. You Must Have Compelling Info and Content to Share
2. Keep the theme of the newsletter simple and easy to Scan
3. Consider Design:
Make the design of the newsletter simple,attractive and more effective so that it looks more readable and presentable.
4. Stay on Schedule:

If you are sending the newsletter weekly/monthly , stick to the schedule.You never know how much people read it until you miss an issue.The quality of the newsletter should be as if you are sending a personal newsletter to the intended recipient.
5. Links are key:
If you want the newsletter to bring you sales, then be sure to include various links in the website that point readers back to YOUR site, articles, info, video, products, services, opportunities, calendars, etc.
6. Find an email program that can help you send your newsletter out professionally
7. Always edit and spell-check:
Which reader wants that there are spelling mistakes in the newsletter that you send,so better do a proper spell check as well as punctuation check before you send out the newsletter wink

You can read the complete article here

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