March 13, 2007

Don't have a startup idea? Think again...

Ever thought,why Google and Hotmail were created? The simple reason was that Google founders Brin and Page could not find information easily on the internet and this problem gave birth to Google(and now Google has become an integral part of our day to day life).I cannot imagine even a single day without Google biggrin Same was the case with Hotmail,founders Bhatia and Smith who were frustrated since their personal America online accounts were not accessible from the office network and there was no email service available which could be accessed anonymously over the web

Similar to this,there are lots of examples,where "Problems encountered are transformed into meaningful solutions" and some of those very interesting instances can be found here

In fact,my own idea also started with a problem and now I am working to find a universal solution to that problem.So lets see how can someone find an idea to start his/her own venture.I encountered this when reading "Make the Move" and thought it to be very realistic and meaningful.

Hate and create something:
Sometimes,the idea to start something just may not strike.So,what can be done is you can create a "I HATE IT WHEN...." list biggrin This means that you write down all the points that you don't like in this world.It can range from small to medium to complex.For example:During the cold winters,you may not like waiting for hot water since cold water is flowing out of your tap during the first couple of minutes.Also,you may not like your shoes loosing its shine,before you reach for an interview etc.
Whenever you find something that you don't like,make a note of it and when you have certain no of issues on the list,write methods in which you may be able to solve them.If there is an interesting idea,start working on it.It may turn out to be the biggest invention ever rolleyes.Finally,it would help remove something which you don't like and will make life simple for you and for others.

Love and create something:
Another method to find an idea is to look at yourself and find your hobbies.If your chosen profession can be from your hobbies,it would yield great level of satisfaction for you idea.For example: If you love music,you may want to create a software for the easy creation of music.If you love sports,you could do something for the love of sports(with the help of software).
The key lies in identifying the potential of the idea,implementing the idea at the right time and with the right set of people wink

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