February 8, 2007

Steve Jobs....A Blogger?

Ever thought where does "Steve Jobs" and "Hillary Clinton" blog?Is it on Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad etc.

Type "Steve Jobs Blog" in Google and you would come across "Fake Steve Jobs Blog".

Steve Jobs's Blog?Yup,as you might have guessed,it is not a blog owned by Steve Jobs and it was asked to shut down for legal reasons(given in the snapshot below).

SiliconValleyWatcher has covered this complete story here.It is not only Steve Jobs or Robert Scoble who have come under the line of fire.There is a blog dedicated to White House lady "Hillary Clinton" as well.

Hillary Clinton's Blog?
Just keeps me wondering by the title of the blog "Secret diary of Steve Jobs" and "Secret Diary of Hillary Clinton", is it that these two blogs belong to the does the same person??

Since,I have spoken so much about Steve Jobs in my post,do check out the "Apple Student Blog" ,which is the official blog of Apple(and yup the templates are powered by Wordpress and not Blogger!!!).



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