February 7, 2007

Sabeer Bhatia's Arzoo!!!

The Hotmail Guy Sabeer Bhatia is one of the most respected Entrepreneurs in India as well as abroad.I was just searching for him on my favourite search engine and my love "Google" and came to know about his latest venture.

After the dot com bust,he seemed to have vanished from the industry.After Hotmail,he came up with Arzoo[well,I dont remember what content was there in Arzoo :-)] , but the venture did not work out for him.And than Arzoo was shut down and there was no whereabouts of our hotmail guy.

But now he has bounced back with his two ventures,which I came across while reading about him:

a. Arzoo(Relaunched):

Arzoo Relaunched

In this growing Web2.0 age and booming airline business,there has been lot of travel portals in the recent times like TravelGuru,Zoomtra,Ghumo,Cleartrip and many more(very hard to list all of them).While in Proto.in , there was a new launch which looked pretty nice called Ixigo.Well,Sabeer Bhatia has not revealed(and marketed) his new Arzoo but yes as you guessed it right,Arzoo was relaunched as a travel portal.But,the biggest minus point of Arzoo is it has only the biggies(like Jet Airways,Indian,Kingfisher Airlines etc) in the list , there is no place for low cost carriers like Air Deccan,Indigo etc.Hence,Arzoo is targetted to a niche set of audience travelling by non-low cost airlines....Wonder how can low cost airlines be left behind?Any answer.....

b. BlogEverywhere:

BlogEverywhere is a simple way for you to log your thoughts and comments on any web page as you surf the web.

This is what BlogEverywhere has to say about itself:

Blogeverywhere enables a virtual water cooler discussion on every web page. The users can build an online journal and create pages of interest to them. Everyone visiting that page can view your comments giving you a potentially large audience. Other viewers can reply to the comments thereby creating a two way conversation.

More details about Blogeverywhere can be checked here

The sad part is that "Blog Everywhere Toolbar" currently only supports "Microsoft Internet Explorer" and not the other browsers hence,cannot use my favourite Firefox :-)

Lets wait and watch on the performance of his new ventures!!!

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At Feb 7, 2007, 12:17:00 PM , Blogger Vulturo said...

In its earlier avatar, Arzoo was a site where software engineers of the Web 1.0 age could register their skills and availability for freelance assignments. People who wanted to get software made could then make requests for the same. They was perhaps some sort of a bidding system in place. There was also supposed to be a messenger which Software guys could install -that gave them notifications of available opportunities. The software guy and the company could then hook up and the services could be provided. Arzoo would get a cut out of the proceedings.

Not a bad idea, actually. But maybe it was launched at the wrong time - when the market wasn't ready for it.

At Feb 7, 2007, 8:31:00 PM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Vulturo,
Thanks for this piece of information.Yes,now I remember Arzoo(the earlier one).In fact,I was also a registered user of Arzoo at that time :-)




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