February 24, 2007

Reached Chennai but missed Genesis

This update would be late since, I reached Chennai at around 6:00 AM in the morning And my bus journey from Bangalore to Chennai was a pretty good one.The person sitting next to me Sayantan Dasgupta was reading "Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by Dr C K Prahalad" and this made me wonder whether he wanted to be/he is a "Social Entrepreneur".So,with this note,I thought it would nice to start a conversation.

Sayantan is working as a Manager in a firm and his trip to Chennai was not for WikiCamp but a competition which I always wanted to attend "Genesis in IIT Chennai which was aimed at Social Entrepreneurship"and as you might have guessed "Sayantan's business plan was shortlisted among the finalists and he was there to give a presentation on the same".So what the winners of the competition get is given below:

Genesis:Targeting Social Entrepreneurship Some of the presentations can be downloaded from here but except for one presentation by Mr K Satyanarayan,Director of Director,New Horizon Media rest all is general stuff on Social Entrepreneurship sad

I would be watching this space on Genesis for the presentations from the other participating companies as well

My best wishes to Sayantan for this competition.Wonder if my friend Harinath,the new age Social Entrepreneur would have participated in this competition?
Rest updates from WikiCamp tomorrow..Keep watching this space for more eek

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