February 21, 2007

Companies showcased in DEMO 2007

In one of my previous post,I had covered the companies which were covered in Proto.Just felt worth putting the current post on my blog, which has the list of the 10 companies which were showcased in DEMO 2007.

The 10 companies which were showcased for DEMO 2007 in US are listed below:

a. eJamming:
eJamming provides the musicians to be in synchronization over the internet.A lovely website for online music collaboration and a must for music lovers biggrin

b. Jaman:
Jaman is the way people discover, enjoy and share world cinema. Jaman's global on line community is pioneering social cinema. It is a new destination for movie-goers to watch and discuss the world's best films.
More information on Jaman Blog

c. MyDesignIn:
In plain words MyDesignIn is "A social planning and design site that simplifies any remodeling project".MyDesignIn allows users to collect home design ideas and artifacts online using browser buttons.

d. OurStory:
OurStory has taken one step ahead in the photo revolution.Now you can organize your favorite stories, photos, videos, quick notes, and letters once and for all.So why was OurStory founded, this is what Andy Halliday,CEO has to say:

Even when I was younger, I dreamed of having some place, some way to hold on to my memories and those life lessons gathered along the way. With each passing year there was more I wanted to record, but also growing was the feeling that I would never catch up with telling my story, the stories of the people I had learned from, or even be able to recall the moments and memories that had mattered most so far.
As I began to lose some of the important people who had been part of my life journey, I longed even more for a way to tell their story so that I, and those who came after me, could understand and learn from the people that they were. And that’s where OurStory began.

e. BlogWerx:
Their post Sentinel is targetted to combat blog theft and plagriasm.Sentinel monitors the blog content, scans the net use proprietary algorithms and informs the blog owner of full or partial content reproduction.There are more reasons to use Sentinel here

f. SplashCast:
This is what SplashCast says about itslf "SplashCast enables anyone to create streaming media 'channels' that combine video, music, photos, narration, text and RSS feeds. These user-generated channels can be played and easily syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page. When channel owners modify their channel, their content is automatically updated across all the web pages 'tuned' to that channel"

g. Total Immersion:
Total Immersion’s software enables the real-time integration of interactive 3D graphics into live video flows.Applications range from media/entertainment to toys.And there is lots more to see which you can check on Total Immersion

h. TrailFire:
This is what TrailFire says about itslf "Trailfire enables you to discover the web through the expertise of others. Follow a trail and find what you need. Or share your own expertise by making a trail of web pages."

i. Whisher:
This is one of the coolest and unique facility given by any company.This is what Wisher says about itself "It’s a software application that you install on your computer and helps you get free WiFi access all around the world.Additionally it offers a range of tools and services that will take your wireless experience to a new level"
More information on Whisher Blog

j. ZoomInfo:
This is what ZoomInfo has says about itself "ZoomInfo, the premier summarization search engine, delivers fresh, comprehensive information on over 34 million business professionals and 2 million companies across virtually every industry.ZoomInfo finds, understands and extracts information from millions of online sources such as Web sites, press releases, electronic news services and SEC filings and summarizes the information into a comprehensive format. Basically, ZoomInfo creates structure out of the chaos of the Web".

You can find more detailed information on Alex's Blog

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At Feb 23, 2007, 1:03:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

great list. I've been trying out Jammin and Trailfire and really enjoy both product. Trailfire has lots of great content and easy to use. Jammin is still a little new for me but if i can find some interesting movies I'll be hooked.

At Feb 24, 2007, 2:41:00 PM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Thanks for landing on this blog.Yes,definitely there are great companies and yes,they are different.

I am yet to try Jammin but seems to be a good facility to all the music lovers around the world ;-)



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