February 17, 2009

Viral Marketing at it's best : Wario Land

All of us know that something that is visual carries more appeal and also sends the right message with less effort. Though pictures are very effective, many a times; videos have an upper hand over them.Take the example of Google Chrome, instead of numerous cartoons giving insight into Chrome, if Google would have created a small video[or a series of videos] indirectly demonstrating Chrome's capabilities over other browsers-high CPU usage by Firefox, V8 etc., it would have been much more appealing.Since, Google being a brand in itself, such things may not have a negative impact on it's business.

This podcast focuses on why online videos are becoming a crucial part for promoting the business.The best example to demonstrate effectiveness of online videos is the following clip:

If you find found this clip interesting, you can check out the actual video live in action on my test blog, definitely worth a watch !!! It really interested me[like many of you] how this video was made; after looking into the source code, I came across this Google Gadget which is the heart of the video.Debug version of Flash Player & addons like FireBug were also quite helpful to find it's details.

Keeping the technical brilliance apart, the shake-it up video resulted in 500% increase[from 5000 to 25000] in it's total number of page views/day.

This article provides the complete insight into "How Wario Land's shake it video broke the Viral Marketing mould !!!" Though there are lot's of Viral Marketing videos around, if you come across any video that has created such a high impact; do drop-in your comments & it would be added to the article.

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