April 5, 2007

Scene of VC/PE investments in Q1,2007

With Indian economy booming , VC/Private Equity(PE) investments have gone up to 2.4bn$ in the first quarter of 2007 as reported by Economic Times.This is indeed a good news for the investorsbiggrin

Some excerpts from the article:
The overall VC/PE scenario is doing well, what with investments in the first quarter of this year almost doubling to about $2.4 billion. If this growth continues, we could very well see total investments crossing $10 billion in 2007, especially with several new funds coming in,” says Arun Natarajan of Venture Intelligence India

As far as segments go, IT, manufacturing, financial services, engineering and construction, transport and logistics reign when it comes to attracting investments
You can read the complete article here

A related podcast(related to VC investments in India) by Arun Natarajan ,Founder of VentureIntelligence is available below:



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