March 7, 2007

MetroBlogging : Contribute to your city via Blogging

After , this is my second achievement in the space of Blogging.I have joined an elite group of bloggers in Bangalore through a global group called "Metroblogging".As per my part,I would be contributing something to the Bangalore city through the medium of blogging biggrin

What is MetroBlogging?
Metroblogging is the world's largest network of city focused blogs,with over 700 bloggers contributing to more than 50 cities...

Benefits of joining MetroBlogging:
  • MetroBlogging is a platform which provides you to express what you feel and it would be read by millions of people worldwide
  • You can meet an exciting set of people who are bloggers and love what they do biggrin
  • You would get more recognition since, MetroBlogging is a worldwide network and you can learn about it here
After my personal blogging card, now is the time to show my "MetroBlogging-Business Card" wink

My Metro Blogging identification
Interested to join MetroBlogging:
More details about MetroBlogging are available here and about Bangalore chapter are available here

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