March 3, 2007

Time to "Make the Move"

Finally, somehow I managed to get "Make the Move-Demystifying Entrepreneurship" from Crossword today.The price of the book is just Rs 95/-,which is very(very) less compared to its content.It is written by two Entrepreneurs - Ishan Gupta and Rajat Khare.

I have just started reading the book but the cover itself has a wonderful message from our President - Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam which is below:
Youth is the most powerful resource.Ignited mind of youth is indeed the biggest force on the earth,above the earth and below the earth
Strong message from our president, since ignition in mind is required to do something extra-ordinary biggrin.Would update more from the book when I find some more interesting points from the book

You can know more about the book here

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