February 15, 2007

Ten Indian Companies to watch out in 2007

In the recent past many Indian companies have gone into the M&A spree.Some of the major acquisitions by Indian companies(as well as other companies trying to enter India) are listed below:
  1. Tata acquisition of Corus
  2. Hindalco acquisition of Novelis
  3. Telecom giant Vodafone's entry into the Indian market with its acquisition of Hutch
As quoted by MobilePundit, mobile users in India touching 156.3 mn and still rising(day by day), this could be the right time for Arun Sarin's Vodafone to enter India.

This is what Business Week has to say about India's growth and its booming economy
India is the world’s fastest-growing economy right now, after China, and this $850 billion-plus machine likely will overtake South Korea as Asia’s third-biggest economy, behind Japan and China, by the start of 2008. True, India hasn’t yet fielded iconic corporate brand names like Sony, Toyota, and Samsung, but the country is home to a gaggle of software, IT and wireless, and industrial powerhouse players with very robust futures ahead of them. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are 10 of the most dynamic companies India has to offer. Most of them trade on India and U.S. exchanges and have been killer investments over the past year.
With such major deals happening in the recent past,Business Week came out with a very good analysis about "Ten Indian Companies to watch out for in 2007".

1. Tata Motors
Sector : Automobile
India’s biggest maker of trucks and buses has a tieup with Fiat to jointly invest $895 million to develop and roll out passenger cars in India’s fast-growing auto market.
One year total return:22.5%

2. Mahindra & Mahindra(M&M)
Sector : Automobile
M&M is India’s No. 1 maker of tractors and sports-utility vehicles.M&M has tieups with French carmaker Renault and U.S. truckmaker Navistar.Scorpio SUV was a hughe hit in India.
One year total return:65.6%

3. Bharat Forge
Sector : Steel & Auto parts
It is a manufacturer of steel forgings and auto parts such as crank shafts for trucks, which it supplies to global automakers like DaimlerChrysler and General Motors.
One year total return:12.03%

4. Rediff.com
Sector : Internet
It provides news,information,shopping service and recently launced "Rediff Moneywise" targetting the NRI audience.
One year total return:36.11%

5. Infosys Technologies
Sector : IT services & BPO
Needless to say since everyone knows Infosys however,it is India’s second-biggest software company and a major IT consulting firm that generates 60% of its sales in the U.S. market.
One year total return:64.8%

6. Wipro
Sector : IT services & BPO
Needless to say about Wipro as well however,it is India’s third-biggest software company and IT consulting firm is on an earnings tear, with fourth-quarter profits up 40% to $169 million.Azim Premji is definitely hungry for more acquisitions.
One year total return:26.26%

7. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Sector : Pharmacy
India’s third largest pharmaceutical company, reported a tripling of net income to $42.5 million in the fourth quarter and specializes in selling and exporting versions of blockbuster drugs developed by other companies such as Bayer and Merck at much lower prices.
One year total return:25%

8. Bharti Airtel
Sector : Mobile services
After hughe operator base in India, Sunil Mittal headed-Airtel is planning to expand in countries like Africa
One year total return:107%

9. Reliance Industries
Sector : Energy & Petroleum
It is one of India’s petrochemical and energy national champions and runs the third-largest oil refinery. Its new unit, Reliance Petroleum, 5%-owned by Chevron, is building what will be the world’s biggest refining complexes in India later in the decade
One year total return:95.75%

10. ICICI Bank
Sector : Banking
It is a diversified player with 540-odd branches in India, and is particularly strong in retail and corporate banking in addition to providing foreign currency and investment banking services
One year total return:62%.8

Read the complete article here



At Feb 19, 2007, 8:33:00 AM , Blogger SPM said...

An interesting list.
Of course, one's own list may have a few different companies, and certainly few of your list will be there. At a time when many companies seem to be generally reporting excellent earnings growth, its difficult to go wrong in company picks. Some of my postings may interest you, on this subject.
- Sanjay

At Feb 20, 2007, 1:10:00 AM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey SPM,
Yes if I would have picked up the companies,I would have mainly focussed on IT companies ;-)

Your blog is blogrolled and I liked your posts ;-)


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