September 19, 2006

Air Deccan's way of cost cutting!!!

This is during my recent visit to Chennai for the Blogger's Unconference (9th and 10th September 2006).During both ways , I had taken Air Deccan.

Now,you might be wondering what made me write this in my diary.The reason is Air Deccan's way to do cost cutting.As we know Air Decccan is a new age lost cost airline.Now,to give it a tag of low cost airline,it does not serve food in the flight.This is a good way of cost cutting.I do agree to this.

But,can u imagine someone does a cost cut on the paper as well as the printer.As you all know,we all used "Dot Matrix printers" when this age was not a jet age as it is like now.But there are few companies still using "Dot Matrix Printers"(Do we call it a printer....No...I dont think so).

Yes,you got me right.Air Deccan , Capt G.R.Gopinath headed "Air Deccan" still uses "Dot matrix Printers" which I dont think is a good idea to do cost cutting since it may create a false impression on its customers.

Aren't there better ways to do cost cutting....Mr Gopinath and other board members improve the way to do cost cutting since there are low cost airline competitors in the pipeline who can blow up the entire aviation business.



At Sep 28, 2006, 10:20:00 AM , Blogger Sachin Saraf said...

Hi Himanshu
I dont agree to your view. The impression doesn't matter in this case. They are tagging themselves as low cost airlines and they need to make sure that they cut their cost in each and every small things that they can. Even if they are able to save a single Re on 1 ticket, it would make their losses look that much less.


At Dec 1, 2006, 6:20:00 PM , Blogger Himanshu Sheth said...

I do agree to your view Sachin since "One rupee saved each day will fetch you lakhs after some years"


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