October 9, 2005

How to handle a bad boss

Source : Economic Times, www.economictimes.com
Date : 09/10/05

  • Set up regular progress reports
Many problems arise due to lack of communication, you can avoid it by interacting with your boss on a regular basis.

Sit down with your boss and bring him up-to-date on projects. He will thus come to know what you are presently working on, is your performance up to the mark. Also, he can give you suggestions as to how you can overcome your shortcomings, if any.

The effect? Developing the boss/employee relationship, which will ultimately make working together more favourable.
  • Focus on the problem, not the boss
At times you just assume that you have a bad boss who doesn’t care about you. Have you ever gone forward yourself and tried to know what he really is?

Perhaps the boss isn't the problem; maybe you just can't get a good communication flow going. Don't be shy to pull him aside when something doesn't go your way.

Talk things over and don't take it personally.
  • Work with your boss, not against him
Remember he is a more experienced person than you. There is so much you can learn from him.
Doing joint work will promote chemistry between you and your boss.
Be proactive and let him take some credit for your good work, so long as he's aware of the source of it.
  • Go over his head
If you feel he is hampering your growth, it is about time you took some action. Don’t let him kill our efforts. Talk to him directly about this. Observe for some time, if he is trying to make things better, fine.

Still, if you see that you're going nowhere fast, then consider talking to his supervisor.

Being productive is far more important than pleasing your boss, at the expense of the company.
  • Plan an out-of-office meeting
Do you keep trying to catch your boss for two minutes to pitch him a new idea, but he doesn't have time?
Invite him for a quick drink after work to discuss some things.This encounter will serve the dual purpose of showing you take your job to heart and want to better your boss/employee relation.
  • Change departments, or quit
You have tried everything, still there are no signs of improvement.

Its about time you asked to be transferred to another department if you work in a big enough firm - or simply hand in your resignation letter.

Only you know your own worth, and if you don't feel respected, motivated and so on, then move on.



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