June 6, 2008

Ten mantras to be become a more PRODUCTIVE Entrepreneur

Time management is a very important factor; consider your work, personal life or anything related in your day to day life. May be that is the reason we have post-its, diaries,hand-held gadgets etc. that come to our rescue smile Effective time management[coupled with proper priority scheduling] leads to better productivity !!!!

To explore more on productivity, we have a guest writer - Heather Johnson, who would give us some insights into what best practices would make an Entrepreneur[and his/her team] more efficient & productive.

About Heather Johnson:
Heather Johnson is a regular writer on the topic of Top credit cards.Heather welcomes questions, comments and writing job opportunities at her email address heatherjohnson2323@gmail.com

Ten tips for becoming a more PRODUCTIVE ENTREPRENEUR:
Being self-employed is both a blessing and a curse at times. Without a boss standing over your shoulder every hour of the working day, you might find it difficult to always stay abreast with your daily tasks. Time really is money, however -- especially when you are solely dependent on your own work performance. If you would like to change your lifestyle in order to become a more productive entrepreneur, follow the ten tips given below:
  1. If you work from home, designate an area that is specifically for work. Don't let your personal life cross into your workspace.
  2. Do not put a television set anywhere near your workspace.
  3. Keep your desk tidy, as you will lose precious time hunting for things. Not only that, but a clean environment will invigorate you.
  4. Eat three well-rounded meals a day and drink plenty of water to keep your energy up [May be I should start practising this one biggrin].
  5. Set regular work hours and stick to them.
  6. Take a day off [when your innovative mind is blocked and you are mentally tired]. Some entrepreneurs are workaholics and feel they can't afford to take a day off. Wrong -- this will actually lead to work burnout, which will cost you much more.
  7. Screen your calls when you are in the middle of a time-sensitive project.
  8. Keep an efficient work calendar and to-do list.
  9. If you work online a lot, there are many distractions that can sap your productivity.If you love checking the headlines, make that part of your lunch hour ritual.
  10. Document everything business-related and save all receipts in a designated file. This makes tax season much easier on you and your accountant. Don't have an accountant? Get one.
Thanks Heather for these simple and wonderful tips , since simplest things are the ones that we take for granted and your tips would definitely help many people[not only Entrepreneurs] to be more productive !!!!

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