May 20, 2007

Dabawalas : Straight from the gut

Few days back, there was a post on my blog , where I had mentioned about the book "Dabawalas",which has entered into the list of "My Must Read" books.There were some of the business learnings which could be taken from this book which are mentioned here.Now, some of the learnings from the author Mr Shrinivas Pandit himself.Below is the copy of the email written by me(to the author) which has the feedback on the book,along with the key learnings which I got from the book.The other email is the reply from Mr Pandit,where he touches on some more aspects of business(a must read)

Mail to Mr Pandit

Reply from Mr Pandit

With this mail,Mr Pandit has sent out one more message "How to keep customers happy"

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